【THE SANDBOX】 “MANIFESTO { }” – {One Life, Two Bodies} <Guide for TSB>

The Sand Box〈Guide for TSB〉

Hey everyone, long time no see!
Let’s check out this exciting quest together.

First, remember these two hints.

1/2 hints

2/2 hints

Let’s solve the mystery based on these!

B O D I E S = X O X O X X (The letter ‘O’ is known, ‘X’ is the unknown letter.)
Only the 4th has hints matching the 2nd and 4th characters!

Let’s also remember the symbol corresponding to ‘E’ here.

The hint matches ‘O’ only in the 2nd!

The match for ‘I’ and ‘E’ is only in the 1st!

Let’s continue like this and solve it.
The last one is in the 3rd!

How did it go?

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